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Differences in Matchmaking sites, singles party and marriage agency.

Here on this page, we like to explain the differences of matchmaking sites, singles party and marriage agency in services, age range, type of girls/guys, the process of meeting, prices and more and will give you a tip on which service is good for you. .

Matchmaking sites or apps

Matchmaking apps or sites are mostly easy to start with. All you can do is to fill out the member application form, browsing the member and sending like to the girls you are interested in. If she respond you “like”, then you can start to communicate with her/him by becoming the member on the site. All you have to do is to pay the membership fee to become the member。

Matchmaking apps or sites in Japan are almost same as dating sites in overseas. As I mention before, dating apps or sites in Japan are regarded as sites as looking for a sex friend ( Sefure ). In Japan people will not look for a friend at dating apps or sites.

So if you look for a Japanese friend or serious relationship with Japanese girl/guy in Japan, my advises is to take matchmaking apps or sites first.

The best features for matchmaking apps or sites are, its FREE to register, browsing, checking girls and sending like to the girl you are interested in. It’s totally FREE up to here.

Fill out the registration form               Free

Browsing and checking out girls      Free

Sending her like                                Free

If you receive a respond from her and like to send her a message, then you have to pay the membership fee.

There are many communities and activities to get to know each other at matchmaking sites, which will give more opportunities to find, meet and talk to the girls you like.


Most of Japanese matchmaking sites are totally Free for girl membership.

Registration                                           Free

Browsing and checkup men member       Free

Sending message or contacting to guys   Free

Take this opportunity to find a Japanese guy if you are interested in finding a Japanese boyfriend or a guy for long term relationship. 

However , on some high end matchmaking sites such as Tokyo Calendar Date and Mr and Miss, girl has to pay the membership fee as well.

How to find good matchmaking sites in Japan ?

Among a dozen of Japanese matchmaking apps or sites available, which matchmaking site is suitable for you would be no easy . In order to find out, here are some guidelines for foreigners.

1. There should be enough member for both men and women, so that member can find his/her ideal partner with no difficulty

2. It should be mandatory for ID check for becoming a member

3. There should be enough secure system to find out any illegal activities among bad member

4. There should be many positive comments on the site by the net claiming the success of actual dating

5. The membership fee are clear and no hidden cost


With                       3600 Yen/ month

Crossme                 3800 Yen/ month

Eveeve                    3500 Yen/ month

Marrish                   3400 Yen/ month

Youbride                 2400 Yen/ month

Omiai                      3980 Yen/ month

Pairs                        3590 Yen/ month

Zexy Enmusubi        2400 Yen/ month

high end matchmaking sites

Tokyo calendar date 6500 Yen/ month

Mr and Miss

20~29 years old 3,000 Yen/month
30~32 years old 5,000 Yen/month
33~35 years old 8,000 Yen/month

Matchmaking ( Singles ) parties

Matchmaking or Singles party are held in the most major cities in Japan on every day. There are many different types of Singles parties held at many Japanese cities, for 20', 30', 40', 40' and 50' years old, for Otaku - Manga fan, Anime fan, Bus tours party, Cooking party, BBQ party, Sprots lover party and many others.

The beauty part of Singles party is you can meet girls instantly once you attend the party. For matchmaking site, it will take a time until you can actually meet girls.

you register the site

you browse the file

you send " like " to a girl you are interested in

she may send you " like " or no response

If she send you " like ", you become the member and start to communicate

exchange several messages with her

you ask for a date and if she say " YES", then you can meet her

If you meet a girl in a short time, the most effient way is to go to matchmaking ( Singles ) parties. You can meet, talk and know her who she is and even ask for a date.

Unlike matchmaking site, Singles party


you can meet a girl in a short time

If you like to meet a Japanese girl in a short period, singles party are best choice

re looking for a the most efficient way is to go to matchmaking ( Singles ) parties. You can meet, talk and know her who she is and even ask for


you meet a girl in a short time, the most efficent way is to go to matchmaking ( Singles ) parties. You can meet, talk and know her who she is and even ask for

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