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Zwei, a subsidiary of one of the largest retailer in Japan, has more than 35 years of matchmaking business in Japan with a nationwide offices throughout Japan. In fact Zwei has 51 offices across Japan providing various services including free consulting, creating a worksheet for a successful matchmaking, how to dress up, how to behaive properly on matching and how to find your ideal match, and many others so that member

For example, there are three courses for matchmaking in Zwei you can choose from

1.Full support matchmaking service

Personalized marriage consultant will advice you on

main age range for tzai are 30~40

29% with 30’, 44% with 40’ for men

46% with 30’, 32% with 40’ for women

system of Zwei is called “ Data matching “ which computer will find your partner based on your qualifications, preferences and personalities and introduce you your partner.

You can choose your partner from dates and ask for dating by sending messages to your partner. There will be no personal counsellor who will assist you and give you advices, instead you and your partner will decide when and where to meet by communicating with messages.

The fee are relatively cheaper compared to other marriage agency that provide personal counsellor services. Unless you ask for, there will be no advice and no support.

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