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About us

Some people think it may be difficult to maintain good relationship continuously on international marriage. By my experiences in dating with foreign women and international marriage, however, I would say it could be true, or maybe not.

Indeed there are lots of differences in culture, habits, life style, traditions, history and foods on international marriage, but it’s not a big deal as long as a couple work together closely and spend their happy life, I believe.

Having experienced in international marriage to a Russian woman in my past, I could say I really enjoyed the differences in marriage to a Russian woman. She was the best woman l have ever met so far.

On my international matchmaking business on the other hand, I have also seen many international couples who look very happy, meaningful and enjoyable.

What is the secret of meeting someone special? Through my love affairs in the past and my matchmaking business, I learn that the success in meeting someone special always get involved in luck, timing, effort and chemistry. But You have to take some actions before meeting new people though.

I am particularly interested in matchmaking 40’s, 50’s and 60’s foreign single men to Japanese women and love to see happy international married couple. So if you are 40’s, 50’s and 60’s foreign single man and look for a Japanese lifetime partner, why not take an action to find your ideal partner in your life with us. I will support you as much as I could.

I am very open minded, optimist, generous, outgoing and challenging person and love to see the happily married couple who have differences in culture, lifestyle, language and others.

Yoshi Sakamoto

Tokyo passion

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