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Hi there,

I am a US educated Japanese living in a suburb of Osaka. I am very active, outgoing, enjoyable and love to challenge. In fact I run 5 websites currently and am very busy working for 365 days a year.

Almost 25 years ago, I started to do my own business in Tokyo which had lasted more than 17 years with matchmaking services, mainly Western men ( American, Canadian, Australian, New Zealander, Germany, French, British and so on) to Japanese women, Western women (American, Canadian, British, Portugal and Russian ) to elite Japaneses men.


I also traveled and lived many different countries and had experiences in dating girls of America, Ticas ( Costa Rica ) , Chile, Russia and Japan off course and can share and advises in how to find and date with good Japanese girls or guys, which is not so easy.

Through my experiences in matchmaking business in Tokyo and dating with girls in different countries, I found finding or dating girls or guys always get involved in many factors such as luck, timing, chemistry, personality and many others.

Also if you have problem of finding girls, you might as well look at yourself with your wisdom . Why you are not success in finding girls or why date will not be successful. There are clear reasons why so.

I am always willing to support and give you advises on your dating or matchmaking.