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We care & We deliver for your dating & matchmaking in Japan

We care ! & We deliver !!  for your 

date and matchmaking 

Viewing this site means you are somewhat interested in finding or dating Japanese girls or guys. There are many methods in fact to look for Japanese girls or guys for dating done by foreigners, such as Japanese dating apps or matchmaking sites, International singles parties held in major cities in Japan on every day, meeting her/him in a company you work for, International dating, matchmaking or marriage agency specialized in Japanese women or Japanese marriage agency in Tokyo, Osaka or other major cites to meet Japanese girls/guys.

So what is the best way for foreigner to meet Japanese girls/guys in term of saving time, money and wider selection and more possibility of actual dating ?

I have been thinking over what are the most efficient ways for foreigners to find and date Japanese girls or guys actually with a limited time and budget.?

My conclusion is “ do exactly same as the most Japanese do to find a dating, meeting new friends or seeking a serious long term relationship

So what Japanese do to find a new friend, dating or marriage date for serious relationship ?

1. dating or matchmaking apps or sites

First of all, most of Japanese go dating or matchmaking apps to start with. There are many good Japanese dating apps and number of those registered member are very high, with more than 500,000 or more for each dating or matchmaking app. As we cover the most popular dating and matchmaking apps in Japan, accumulating more than 5,000,000 member ( men and women in total ), the chances to meet girls or guys are more likely than any other ways. Besides the membership fee for dating app is only 2,000 ~ 3,000 Yen (around $20 ~ $30 monthly), which is very reasonable cost.

2. singles party

Secondly, they go to singles parties held in the Japanese major cities. There are many categorized singles parties such as, 20’ member only, 30’ member only, 40’ member only, single mom only, young executives only, same hobbies, cooking party, bus tour party and many others.  

The good thing for the singles parties is that you will meet girls or guys instantly. No spending some time for communicating each other.

3. marriage agency

Thirdly, they goes to marriage agency. The best part of the marriage agency is they provide the personal services to the customer to help them find girls/guys from their registered member and arrange for dating.

It’s not cheap compared to dating apps or singles parties, but the staff will provide very professional personal services to the customer, thus finding and dating Japanese girls/guys are much faster and easier.  

At Tokyopassion, we cover all services, from dating apps or matchmaking sites, singles party and to marriage agency, bringing more opportunities for foreigner to actually meet Japanese women and men.

Then what we do for each service for foreign customer?

Dating apps or matchmaking sites

1. register and make your profile in Japanese on the specific app(s) or site(s) you request

Registration Fee 1,000 Yen ( $10 ) per app or site

2. give you advises on how to use it, how to find girls/guys, how to send “ like “ to her/him, and other functions on that site will be explained. Services will be given to the customer if

they requested specific services     Free

3. give you advises on “ dating with Japanese girls/guys” Free

4. give you advises on “ how to go out with Japanese girls/guys                 Free

5. give you advises on “ your clothing for dating with Japanese girls         Free

6. help you find and give you advises on whether she/he is good for you or not         Free

browsing and finding your ideal Japanese girls or guys at the apps or sites

Finding girls/guys     1,000 Yen ( $10 )

Once you received message from girls and like to become a member on the site,

pay the membership fee on the site see the membership fee

B. pay the monthly fee for us 5,000 Yen ( $ 50 ) per month

( all works including translation )

Singles party

1. find singles parties at your location and send you information on the parties. You decide on which singles party you will attend and we make your reservation on that party. General information will also be given to you, such as party location, party time, dress code, how it works and how you behave on women, how you ask her/him date or more.

Reservation Fee 1,000 Yen ( $10 ) per app or site


Marriage agency

1. find marriage agencies in your area and send you information on the marriage agencies

You decide on which marriage agency you will visit to talk to the counselor.

Because the membership fee at the marriage agency is not cheap, we recommend you should visit and talk to the counselor at least 2 or 3 marriage agencies. We send you information on the day and time, the counselor name to talk and others. You may see the list of registered member at that agency.

We will provide information on how it works and how you will be active on the marriage agency.

Reservation Fee 1,000 Yen ( $10 ) per app or site

2. If you find the marriage agency that you like to become a member, we will do all paper works on your activity. You will need ID, employer information and others to become a member.

pay the monthly fee for us 5,000 Yen ( $ 50 ) per month

( all works including translation )

Well, I hope you will be interested in our services. 

Please see my tips on your matchmaking activities before taking any actions.


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